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Age of mythology third party updating

The King of Britain, Lord of the Round Table, and the Once and Future King, and wielder of the holy sword of the planet.

His true identity is the King of Knights of a parallel universe, who reached this world chasing after a certain powerful antagonist.

Perhaps the greatest of the rulers of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar earned his fame in the Gallic Wars and his campaign into Britain.

He was a skilled military commander and a womanizer, said to have fathered offspring with feyfolk descended from the goddess Venus.

An alternate version of Frankenstein who debuted in the summer 2017 event.

She's the main racer of team "Steam Electrical with PAPA", alongside Charles Babbage and Archer of Shinjuku.

Saber Alter willingly uses the powerful dragon mana that Altria contained throughout her life without hesitation and seems like a completely different person with a ruthless cold persona.

Servants placed within this class are agile and powerful melee warriors, boast high ratings in all categories, and often are heroes from the Age of Gods when magecraft was still commonplace.

She also, naturally, plays a significant role during the A cruel, heartless version of Altria after being corrupted by the Holy Grail...

or, perhaps, she's the ideal "King" that Altria aspired to become.

With her new hero status, her evil has been weakened and she now has the bravery to selfishly rescue the weak and outwit the strong.

But since she's on this unfamiliar side of justice, she's more clumsy than usual.

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She debuted for the Halloween 2016 event as the free Servant and your main companion in the event's story.