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Butch femme  dating sites

These hetero flexible women say they want long-term romantic relationships with men but are consistently drawn to women purely for sex, whether a girlfriends-with-benefits scenario or a Sapphic sidepiece hidden from their boyfriend or husband."It's a huge phenomenon," says Chelsea Reynolds, who researches gender and sexuality in mass media as a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Communication.

In a pilot study, she analyzed (or "expertly lurked," as she calls it) the Women Seeking Women section of Craigslist in 10 U. cities, including San Francisco; Chicago; Boston; Louisville, Kentucky; and Lubbock, Texas.

Instead, year after year, the women said things like, "That was an amazingly powerful relationship with Anna, but I'm pretty sure I'm still straight."Many straight women who occasionally sex other women insist they're not lesbians — because they only want to date men.

And they're not bi either; they don't want to date both genders seriously. let's make each other feel good for a little bit, then I'll learn more about what I like too.'" This never backfires — except when it does. Sometimes that person is a man, and sometimes that person is a woman; sometimes that person is short, and sometimes that person is tall," she says.

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She's one of thousands of women across the country, judging by Craigslist and other sites, who identify as straight — explicitly mentioning boyfriends, husbands, or dating dudes in personal ads — but are also looking online for casual, lesbian sex.

"They're like gummy candy in my mouth." Or as one Dallas woman recently put it on Craigslist: "Hey, ladies, I'm 36 and married to a douche.

After rocking out at Britney's live show, she's also hoping she and her new BFF will get in bed and go down on each other.

The post continues: "I left out the part about not being able to keep our hands off each other when we're alone, giving each other hot and steamy kisses, and seeing what we taste like."Wait, ?

"We ended up having sex, and it was awesome," says Allie, who notes that the bride never found out nor did Allie's boyfriend at the time.

So if "straight" women are into lesbian sex, how are they not lesbians? Diamond, who is a lesbian, admits that in the early stages of her study, she was waiting for the "wiggling" women to come out eventually one way or the other.

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It can be lonely in Las Vegas — so lonely, a single 23-year-old woman is looking for a new bestie on Craigslist."There are guys all over the place to have fun with," she laments in an anonymous post, "but I wish I had a friend to go shopping and to concerts with me or to get our nails done ...