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The buttons below will take you to the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory's Tree-Ring Lab in Palisades, New York.

These images are 360 °, so you can look around and zoom in and out.

Watch dendrochronologist Nicole Davi describe how to core a tree. Processing the Cores Scientists collect core samples from twenty or more trees at each of their sites.

If forest managers are concerned for a particular forest, they can deny scientists permission to core trees when they apply for a permit.

The vast majority of trees we see on hikes or while driving will not have captured a good climate record over long periods of time.

Dendrochronologists need to search for long-lived trees that grow in fairly harsh environments, making them very sensitive to the surrounding conditions, where their growth is slow— so slow that many years will be recorded in their lifetimes.

You'll have a chance to explore a bristlecone pine site in Part 2 of this lab.

What characteristics do dendrochronologists look for in research sites that will give them the best chance to reconstruct past climatic conditions?

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At sites where trees are more sensitive to temperature (e.g.

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