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The overall threat from maritime piracy is addressed in the World “Maritime threats” entry.Separate detailed “Maritime threats” entries may be found for many of the countries bordering the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden; the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa; the Straits of Malacca and the South China and Sulu Seas in Southeast Asia; and some of the waters off South Asia and western South America.

As Daesh takes control of numerous landmarks and most of the residential areas in the city, the Philippine Army continues to control most of the city’s military bases and government buildings.

At the time of the chaos in Marawi, Duterte was visiting Moscow – assumably to negotiate an arms deal to replace one that has been stalled by the United States. When asked “Do you think ISIS militants here, in the Philippines, are they homegrown or were they imported? It seems possible that Daesh’s increased presence in the Philippines could be a sign that the U. Watch Philippine President Duerte speak with RT “They want me to fight China.

,” Duterte responded, “There are so many, Caucasian-looking. They are from the Middle East mostly.” A declassified CIA report dating from 2012 claimed that the U. could use Daesh as a tool to destabilize and overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a tactic that the U.

S., particularly the CIA, is seeking to destabilize his administration. Duterte argued that this argument was hypocritical, stating that the U. has killed scores more civilians in nations around the world without “even a whimper” from the international community.

Though Duterte asserted that he enjoys a friendly relationship with President Donald Trump, he added that Congress, the State Department and other arms of the U. political establishment are not in accord with Trump – making it difficult for him to count on the U. as an ally in his nation’s fight against terrorism. ,” Duterte retorted “[…] They can even take the president out of his country for him to face trial in another country.” These statements suggest that Duterte did not expect his pivot away from the U. “[…] in the guise of human rights, countries like [those of] the EU and America are interfering in the affairs of other nations. […] Just like the Americans, when they drop a bomb there, it is so powerful that it also kills others there.

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