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READ ALSO: It took awhile to fall in love with Rawlings - Konadu Rawlings Men and women are two different kinds of people both emotionally and physically.One can say men were born on Mars with women also from Venus.I know several internet dating stories which ended in “they happily lived ever after.” This, as all stories on my blog, is true. This time, we thought the introduction of a male “sugar,” will do the trick and stop the calls. A week later, the man from Ghana, contacted me again via email.I was married twice, two long relationships, and raised a family. My girlfriend’s husband answered on my cell, and told the man from Ghana:” This is Agent X. Translation: he went from his Ghana basement to his living room or another room in the house in the U. (this is an assumption, because he could have been anywhere in the world! ” I left my laptop opened to HIS email to answer a call.The third time around I was determined to use all that I know went wrong in my previous relationships, and turn mistakes into lif lessons. ) In his email, he confessed to me that he was confused, the whole “relationship we had, was a NEW one on him! ) He continued by saying that “mysteriously ALL our back and forth emails disappeared from the history of his computer! When I came back to it, within minutes, the email was no longer in my in box. The same day, I received an email from y email provider.

In short to turn past mistakes into valuable life lessons. After a few weeks, he asked me to “pray for him, because he bid on a contract and if he gets it,” we will ALL be rich! I was already imagining myself in an informal off white dress, a low key wedding, since we were both married previously, and I was not a virgin, to dare wearing white. ” he announced after a few days: “Honey, your prayers worked, I was awarded the contract thanks to your prayers! And if Brazil didn’t have ENOUGH gold for him, he will go to Ghana, Africa! After two days of “meetings” in Brazil, he told me that they couldn’t provide all the gold he needed, so, he had to go to Ghana! I searched and discovered the company which he should have visited, was not in Ghana, but in South Africa! I broke the news to my soul mate, but he insisted he was going to Ghana anyway! He said he asked a “friend from Maryland” to loan him money… If certain misfortunes happened to me, it does not mean they will happen to others.

But one phenomenon so many Ghanaian men complain about is how their girlfriends leave behind their personal belongings from toothbrushes to underwears. Failing to respect his privacy Having a thing with a Ghanaian dude never means ripping him off his privacy rights.

Most ladies feel the residence of their boyfriends is their bonafide property but until you are married there is no way his home could be yours.3.

The other sign, that I might have been part of a hopeful group, was if his responses were addressed not to my name, but : “Hi Honey, sweetheart, dear, sugar…etc.” Very safe indeed, why risk to use the wrong name? I imagined how I was going to meet him and the girls, and their dog and may be at some point cook them a hot meal! Quickly, the budding relationship progressed to emails.

Propelled by everyone’s hints that if I don’t even try, to find a partner, than for sure I need to see a therapist (which I was already but no one knew about it! I had enough brains left to give him an email address allocated ONLY to junk mail and internet dating. I could not install it, which propelled the “relationship further,” to telephone conversations!

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Most times, I was clear-minded enough, to get it, especially, if I responded with a detailed email and he wink back! Fisher, a famous anthropologist whose works I admired.