Free online adult roleplaying chat

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Free online adult roleplaying chat

The approaching solstice marks the point at which the Paizo office starts to look a little emptier for a few weeks.Just because a bunch of folks are taking some time off, though, doesn't signal any break in scenario production.Fortunately for the Society, the mining operation isn't the only suspicious business linked to the Consortium.Hushed whispers on the streets of Senghor speak of Aspis agents lurking among the ruins of the forbidden and accursed city of Boali, whose mere mention is taboo.

Single Day Badges will be available in person at the Paizo Con convention store and are priced at for adults and for kids.

For 2018 we have revised our Code of Conduct and all attendees, by accepting their badge, agree to follow Paizo Con's Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions about the Paizo Con 2018 (including badges/tickets or hotel information), please check our FAQ or visit the Paizo Con forums.

We have two new scenarios coming out tomorrow, December 20th.

Consider the early release our holiday gift to you!

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In addition to lots of Starfinder & Pathfinder Society and Adventure Card Guild games, we'll be offering games, panels and workshops run by Paizo staff, game industry veterans and fans from our community.