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But what if you want to use a dating app mostly to augment your IRL dating life? (Until very recently, men had to opt out of being rated on the app; any dude with a Facebook profile was fair game.Now, because of privacy concerns, Lulu has changed to an opt- system, wiping many reviews from the app.) Reviews on Lulu don’t take the form of Yelp’s exquisitely critical essays, though.Users add their most flattering pictures, fill out profiles they hope fall in the sweet spot between “creative” and “boring,” and then answer questionnaires to find people who are similar.

The lack of profiles on Tinder turns out to be its most salient feature.

When people say “online dating,” this is what they mean.

The setup of traditional dating sites remains fairly similar across all platforms.

Like other dating sites, the new phone-based dating apps are their own individual world, with their own subtle rules and social mores.

Whether you’re an OKCupid addict who can’t help writing 5,000-word explanations of your favorite books, or a Tinderholic who swipes left with the unsparing air of a French revolutionary, join us in exploring this brave new world of phone-based seduction.

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Dating is, perhaps, the only activity you get a reputation for being good at by being bad at it.

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