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Is rihanna dating chris brown again 2016

Rihanna began crying uncontrollably and Chris (who says he had no idea the girl was going to be there, nor did he want her to come up to him) finally calmed her down and the two left in his Lamborghini.The duo was arguing incessantly and Chris swore to her that he wasn’t keeping any secrets.

Rihanna flipped out and the two were going back and forth. He stopped the car in Hancock Park and she looked like she threw his keys out the door.It got so intense that he punched her with a closed fist and left her lip bloody—blood that she spit in his face. He went looking for them, and next thing he knew, she was in fact sitting on them.She then grabbed them and started scratching all of his CDs that had his yet-to-be-released music—music he could no longer retrieve because it was before the days of recording music to your phone.She then screamed that someone was trying to kill her and a neighbor heard and called the police. The Clive Davis night will forever be ingrained in Chris’ (and much of media’s) mind, but the singer admits this wasn’t the first time such a debacle went down.He said that the couple (yes, both of them) got physical often and many times had to make excuses when they were publicly seen with a scratch or bruise.

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Their bowling alley flirtation-turned-fling-turned-friendship-turned-relationship-turned-TBD has been highly publicized since it first began in 2009.