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In another version, he died speechless in a coma, without making any plans for succession.Undefeated in battle, Alexander had carved out a vast empire stretching from Macedonia and Greece in Europe, to Persia, Egypt and even parts of northern India by the time of his death aged 32.'Where there are walls underground the wheat and barley don't grow so well, so there are colour differences in the crop growth'.A graphic of what the 'lost city' would have looked like, with a temple, inner fort and wine press facilities.The 1960s Corona spy satellite footage showed a large square building, potentially believed to be a fort, according to a British Museum blog.More recently improved security has allowed the British Museum to explore the site as a way of training Iraqis to rescue areas damaged by Islamic State.

Experts first noticed ancient remains in the Iraqi settlement, known as Qalatga Darband, after looking at declassified American spy footage from the 1960s.

Researchers believe Qalatga Darband - which roughly translates from Kurdish as ‘castle of the mountain pass’ - is on the route Alexander of Macedon took to attack Darius III of Persia in 331 BC.

The city may have served as an important meeting point between East and West.

He also said that the number of new rules issued by any administration can be affected by court rulings.

Alexander the Great's 'lost city' was a magical place where people drank wine and naked philosophers imparted wisdom, ancient accounts claim.

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An archaeological dig was not possible when Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq.

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