Polyamory married and dating episode 1 online

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Polyamory married and dating episode 1 online

Jen's monogamous sister drops by to check out Jen's new digs while Kamala has her hot date with Roxanne and hesitantly inquires about the true level of attraction between Roxanne and Michael.

Tensions run high in Hollywood when Chris and Megan come face to face with Leigh Ann and her boyfriend.

Kamala and Michael are legally married to each other, as are Jen and Tahl. Chris and Leigh Ann are legally married and Megan is their girlfriend of 3 years.

They refer to themselves as a trio and live in Hollywood.

Kamala celebrates 10 years of marriage with Michael with a private date and gives him a very special gift that pushes her own boundaries of possessiveness and jealousy.

The San Diego pod are having a poly potluck as an unofficial housewarming for Jen and Tahl moving in but Jen has issues with some of the people Kamala and Tahl want to invite.

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This premiere episode includes married couple, Lindsey and Anthony, who want to bring their former girlfriend Vanessa back into the relationship. Michael asks Kamala and his new lover for a threesome. Characters grapple with the emotional and sexual drama of sharing their hearts, as well as their beds. What is different about these families is the fact that they find monogamy unpleasant and unrealistic.