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Principle of radioisotopic dating

Although the authenticity of the ancient legend is questionable, however, the principle behind it is fundamentally sound.Using Hermann Oberth’s 1929 design as a starting point, the optimistic physicists of Hillersleben expanded upon the space-mirror concept considerably.When Germany surrendered in May 1945, the scientists at Hillersleben were forced to abandon an assortment of death-bringing innovations at various stages of completion.Among these were a rocket-assisted artillery shell which had 50% more range than standard artillery, a 600mm mortar which fired one-ton self-propelled projectiles for up to three and a half miles, a modified Tiger tank which could fire 760-pound rockets up to six miles, and a chain-like projectile made up of small, linked rockets with a range of 100 miles.This “A11” multi-stage variant—which was undergoing development at the V-2 facility in Peenemünde—was designed by Wernher von Braun to deliver people into space, and to export white-hot Nazi shrapnel to the US.Inside the living area of the station, electricity would be provided by special steam-driven dynamos which would utilize the heat of raw solar radiation.Throughout the Second World War, the town of Hillersleben, Germany was home to one of the Third Reich’s most crucial weapons research centers.At a sprawling facility nestled in the forested hills, a contingent of 150 engineers and physicists developed and evaluated all manner of experimental weapons, a substantial number of which were ultimately adopted by the Nazi war machine.

The Sun Gun concept was essentially a scaled-up version of Archimedes’ ancient and oft-debated “Death Ray.” In 212 BCE, the Roman Republic sought to seize the city of Syracuse from its Greek inhabitants.

Oberth advocated the development of these Raumstations to serve as astronomical observatories and telegraph relays, in addition to Earth-observing activities such as meteorology, search-and-rescue, and military intelligence.

What interested the Nazi scientists, however, was his suggestion that a specially engineered 100-meter-wide concave mirror could be used to reflect sunlight into a concentrated point on the Earth.

American intelligence agencies immediately invoked Operations Overcast and Paperclip to extricate German scientists and equipment ahead of the Soviets. In addition, they handed over the schematics and calculations for their formidable Sun Gun concept.

Considering the Nazi scientists’ other impressive achievements, Lieut. Keck and his team of hard-headed engineers took the death star concept seriously.

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